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STRENGTH in Recovery – Part 2

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

The recovery process can be long. As unique as each of us is, so too is the journey we take.

For some, recovery from a mental health condition may take months and for others it can take years. That’s why being strong isn’t always enough to get us through. We also need to be TENACIOUS so that even when we feel we want to give up, we just keep fighting.

So what does it mean to be TENACIOUS?

Being TENACIOUS means being persistent.

Being TENACIOUS means being determined.

Being TENACIOUS means not giving up.

When we make the decision to embark on our recovery journey we are already showing how strong we are. However, like most journeys, this one is unlikely to be a straight road.

There will be hills and valleys.

There will be twists and bends that are difficult to navigate.

And it can be long...VERY LONG. In fact, it can feel like it’s never ending and that’s when our ability to be TENACIOUS comes into play.

Taking that first step towards recovery takes bravery. After all it’s impossible to predict what lies at the end of a road we can’t see the end of, so we choose to believe that something better is waiting for us. This takes faith. But even with such a powerful motivator this path we have stepped onto is going to test us.

Recovery is not like taking a stroll in the park. It’s more like hacking our way through a dark jungle with sharp branches dragging at us from every direction. But we fight on, we are persistent in our quest and we slowly claw our way forward.

We know where we want to go and we are determined to get there by any means possible. If that means taking a detour, then so be it. If it means retracing our steps to start over on a different route, that’s fine. And daring to asking someone else to help us up when we inevitably fall is just further proof of how determined we are to find our way out.

No matter what, we do not give up!

We believe that recovery is worth fighting for.

Yes, it’s a long, hard slog – but so too is living with a mental health illness.

Without a belief in something better we wouldn’t have dared to face the journey we are on. But we are strong. We are brave and most importantly we are TENACIOUS.

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

Brené Brown

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