• Maz Connolly

STRENGTH in Recovery – Part 8


By the time we reach this point we have proved to ourselves that we can cope with anything.

We are brave.

We are resourceful.

We are self sufficient and most importantly.....WE ARE SURVIVORS.

We’ve used every aspect of our internal #STRENGTH to keep us going through our lowest points and now we can see some light at the end of the dark tunnel. With the first sighting of this light we experience #HOPE.

We are #hopeful that we have finally left the past behind us.

We are #hopeful that the lessons we have learned during recovery will help us stay on the right path.

We are #hopeful that our inner strengths will continue to keep us safe.

And we are #hopeful about the future.

No longer does thinking about the future fill us with fear and dread. #Hope allows us to see things from a new, clearer, brighter perspective from when we were ill and so we feel more #positive.

We’ve already done the hard work. We’ve taken, the broken, damaged part of ourselves and started to put them back together. We’ve reflected on the feelings of self-hatred, of not being good enough and not deserving a good life and decided we are good people who do deserve to be happy. The thoughts about not being good enough and been replaced by a strong believe that “we are good enough” – and good enough is all that matters.

Without realising it, HOPE is probably what got us started on our recovery journey to start with, so we have come full circle. To have made the decision to start recovering there needed to be some sort of hope that things could be different and how we see that they can.

We were #Strong enough to start our recovery journey.

We were #tenacious every-time we wanted to give up because it was too hard.

We were #resilient every-time we had a slip or a relapse.

We were #emotionally when we needed to be – letting those strong, pent up emotions out in a healthy way.

We were #natural because we learned to be our authentic selves and to develop self acceptance of that self.

We were #grateful because suddenly we realise that we have things in life to be thankful for again.

And so we are #hopeful.

Things have changed and they will continue to change. But we are no longer scared of change. We embrace it and see each new day as a chance to start over.

The darkness has gone and we are still here.

We are #STRONG and we are #HOPEFUL for our future.

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